A tech demo for the game was introduced in E3 2014, the players could play in the Mario, Kid Icarus, and Ice Climber worlds, or the Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Metriod, or Kirby worlds.


Wii U VersionEdit

Unlike the 3DS version, the the demos are in one singular form for all of the series. The players have access to Mario, Link, Samus and Kirby, and have a Super Mario series tokem. They also have access to Nintendia, albeit much smaller and only with the four open portals showing. At the beginning of each world is a Guide Hut (the location in the real game is always different except for Metroid's), which teaches the player how to play. Afterwards they give the player a mission to defeat 10 enemies. After defeating them, the players recieve 10 Bulbs, 1 Sun and an item from it. This also allows them to pay the Gatekeeper 20 Bulbs to enter the main area.

The player can get a total of three goals before the time limit of 15 minutes is up:

  • Visit Peach/Zelda/the control station/Meta Knight.
  • Defeat 30 enemies whilst defending the previous people, who help.
  • Race against your ghost through a specific group of areas.
  • Complete a minigame to earn enough Bulbs to buy a Key.
  • Go to the Upgrade UFO to upgrade the character (upgrades are reset between groups of players)

3DS VersionEdit

Mario DemoEdit

The player first enters Toad Town, with a cutscene of many Tendarks entering through a dark portal, many Toads run and shriek in fear, until the player goes into the action.

  • Goal 1: Defeat the Tendarks!
  • Reward: 10 Bulbs
  • Goal Info: The player must deal some damage and take down 6 Tendarks.

Once the player defeats the Tendarks, the portal closes, and the fallen ones fly away, scared. Enten gives the player the Twinkler, a powerful weapon that can be used to take down enemies, specifically the Tendarks.

Enten tells the player to complete some goals, with more goals completed the player can eventually battle the World boss and save this world.

  • Goal 2: Box Basher
  • Reward: Unlocks third goal
  • Info: A toad is stuck behind many boxes, and it is up to the player to search for the Toad and bring him back to his friend.

Enten tells the player that there appears to be trouble behind a gate to the castle, Peach's Castle. However, they must get past the gate.

  • Goal 3: Get the high score!
  • Reward: Access to the Peach's Castle section of the worlds area
  • Info: To enter the gate, the player must rack up 1000 points by balancing on a rock, to do this the player must move the Gamepad around.
  • Goal 4: Sneak past the Koopas
  • Reward: None
  • Info: It appears that the Koopas are working with the evil Tendarks, and they have taken over the castle.
  • Goal 5: Goomba Power Throwdown
  • Reward: 1 Sun
  • Info: Take down a giant darkened goomba to enter the castle