Hexles are hexagon like objects that can be placed on the Limitless Stand in Nintendo Unlimited. Inbetween each Figurine location is a location that a Hexle can fit on, which affects the Figurine directly clockwise to it.


Ice ClimberEdit

  • Frost Change: This hexle allows the scenery to look like a frozen world.


  • Mega Mushroom: This hexle makes the player grow HUGE. giving the player so much power that they could crush an enemy.
  • Para Jump: This hexle allows the player to land slowly each time they jump by holding A.
  • Hyper Havoc: The player will gain extreme speed, even being able to knock out enemies if crashing into them.


  • Space Shift: The scenery will change to into a majestic space like world.

Animal CrossingEdit

  • Catch Throw: The player can grab attacks from enemies and use it against them.


  • Wild Whip: The player can gain a fast whip that can easily knock out multiple foes.
  • Star Fire: The Twinkler wand can shoot flaming star like blasts, the flames can burn the foes, and make them constantly lose health.